HowExpert Guide to Truck Driving

101 Tips to Learn How to Drive a Truck, Improve Your Truck Driving Skills, and Become a Better Truck Driver

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If you want to learn how to drive a truck, improve your truck driving skills, and become a better truck driver, then check out HowExpert Guide to Truck Driving.

This guide was written for the purpose of sharing knowledge with people who may want to enhance their driving skills. This book will talk about some safety rules you may want to follow. You will learn tips that will help you throughout your travels on the road. There is information that will give you the insight to become one with the vehicle you are driving.

This book was written with the knowledge of a professional driver who has possessed his commercial driver’s license for over twenty years. There are relevant tips throughout this guide that will help you ease the stress of driving. Readers will come to understand how to avoid some difficulties when they are out on the road. You will learn the importance of load securing, and how to become familiar with the roads you travel. The purpose of this book is intended to give expert advice about the trucking industry. It will help guide readers to become more successful in the industry and as a driver. Those that are new to truck driving will learn tips that will help them stay prepared for unexpected events.

Check out HowExpert Guide to Truck Driving to learn how to drive a truck, improve your truck driving skills, and become a better truck driver.

About the Author

Anthony Horton was born in Buffalo, New York. His love and passion for vehicles led him to obtain his driver’s license at a young age. Anthony attended Trocaire College and also attended National Tractor Trailer School. He studied transportation technology in college to learn about the trucking industry. He then attended National Tractor Trailer School to experience hands-on training. Professional drivers with years of experience taught Anthony the basics of driving a commercial vehicle and coached him during his training. He later took his experience and passion for driving out on the road after he landed his first job opportunity with Prime. Anthony gained knowledge about the trucking industry’s pros and cons and also obtained an abundant amount of driving experience. Anthony, a professional truck driver, created this book to share his expert skills.

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