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A lot of Indians struggle with their weight due to a combination of a sedentary lifestyle and an unhealthy diet. There is a lack of understanding when it comes to diet. In this eBook, Indian Body Transformation: Healthy Recipes for the Indian Way of Life, I will provide you with recipes and meal plans to cater to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians for every day of the week that will improve your diet and will lead to weight loss. I can assure you that if you follow these recipes you will only not only lose weight but it will improve your overall health.

Some of the included recipes are:
•Breakfast: Oats Khichdi, Buckwheat Porridge, Protein Smoothie
•Pre-Lunch Snacks: Pear and Cashews, Papaya and Walnuts
•Lunch: Buckwheat Khichdi, Choley with millet, Rang birang green veg sabzi
•Afternoon Snacks: Buckwheat Crepes, Sukha Kala Chana, Sweet Potato Tikki
•Pre-Dinner Detox Juice
•Dinner: Yellow Moong daal soup, Cauliflower and Red capsicum stir fry, Curry Chawli

There is also a helpful appendix of English Names for commonly used Indian food ingredients.

Diet plays a huge role in your body transformation and along with an exercise program; you will be able to completely transform yourself. In the coming months, I will be presenting a mobile app with a sixteen week exercise plan which will allow you to not only lose weight, but also put on muscle. So watch for the Indian Body Transformation app.

I wish you all the best in this journey of weight loss and remember one thing, "You are your own engine and you are your own brake. Only you are responsible for the state that you are in and only you have the power to change it."

All the best,
Adil Rizwan

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24. April
Adil Rizwan