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Injury Susceptibility in Sport consists of a series of essays examining the injury epidemic in American sports. Beginning with “Its all connected” and “Its all connected: Part II myths about injury susceptibility of female athletes are debunked leading up to the next eight essays covering the proliferation Achilles tendon ruptures in the NFL and NBA and various other lower extremities.

A unique and radical method/theory of “reverse engineering” is proposed beginning in Part III, to determine etiology of injury susceptibility in American sport. Root causes of many lower extremity injuries emanate from strength and conditioning methodology, athletic trainers (taping & bracing of joints) physical therapists, doctors and assorted medicaments:

“It should be emphasized such a simple assertion that strength and conditioning exercise techniques can predispose one to injury; must be inclusive the influences of the medical community, the academic community, the athletic training and physical therapy professions exert in the training room and on the athletic field.”

“Inhibiting or otherwise tampering with this natural, reactive protective mechanism can create conditions, for a probable outcome; where taped feet, ankles and knees and/or otherwise trained to restrict range of motion, suffer disproportionate injury rates in sports with less stress on the joints than a maximum strain sport like weightlifting.”

The final two essays “Why Safe is Unsafe” and injuries in the NBA are further corroboration of the correctness of the “Reverse Engineering” theory presented in the previous six essays.

Several of the essays in this section have been published in the Science journal of the European Weightlifting Federation (www.ewf.com).

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