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When Jennifer Arthur gets an inter-galactic message from Nitty the Newfangler, she misinterprets its meaning, so Jenny and her marmalade cat Atta Girl find themselves without warning back on the White World. There is no one to meet them, but they are just in time to witness the brutal kidnap of Morgan the Wonderful Wandering Wohtt right from the path to Nitty Grittys front door, where Jenny and Atta had landed. When Nitty returns, she is shocked to hear about Morgans ill fate, but reveals that there are more tragedies on the surface of the planet; children have been disappearing from locked and barred homes and in various places right out from under their parents noses. She also discovers that the powerful alien Chrystal, an irreplaceable part of the Chrystal Gate, is also missing. There is no way, now, for Jenny and Atta to return home.

With the help of the gallant Behrrn the Remember, a carved stoned pirate, a parrot named Marvin, a lost boy named Harrell (Rell to his friends) and a Molly Kahdel, an experienced guide, Jennifer and Atta join a group one of the groups dedicated to finding the lost children, Morgan the Wohtt, and the Chrystal necessary for their way back home.

While with this company, she saves a toddler from falling into a VERY VERY VERY DEEP HOLE, only to fall into it herself. At the bottom, she realizes she has become invisible, unable to feel anything, or even to call for help. She floats to the surface, but is still unable to be seen, to be felt, or even to communicate in any way. Lonely and lost, she floats into one of several misty tunnels which try their hardest to trap her there

Belletristik und Literatur
20. November
Abbott Press

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