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The two entities in our society that I believe are taken for granted are our ALTER EG0, -- Another aspect of oneself -- and our belief in KARMA -- The law of cause and effect that influences one's future life.

One thing that remains resolute concerning the ALTER EGO, which I believe is universally misunderstood, is that people should never accept what it relates to them as gospel; an axiom well respected throughout the ages. Even during the era of the Mythical Greek gods, the god Athlios warned that the mortals who believed in the righteousness of their ALTER EGO, and constantly spoke with it and sought its advice, should be mindful that it's not always a trusted friend, but, through unforeseen circumstances, may have become a mortal enemy.

The other entity that I believe is also misunderstood is the Universal Energy called KARMA. But what is KARMA exactly, and how does it affect our lives? The best western authorities who have attempted to interpret what it is, and tried to explain it, have practically given up in despair. In its more literal interpretation, however, it's the cause and effect of any act regulating one's future life and its inevitable retribution; that everything one does, each separate deed of one's life, weighed along with every other deed, determines man's destiny.

However, one must keep in mind that when cogitating about Karma that there is no judge and no judgment, no punishment, no repentance or amends, no remission of sins by divine clemency...that it's just the inexorable casual nexus of the Eternal Universe itself ; that KARMA, simply put, is a Brahmanic IDEA developed by the Buddhists.

The situation that confronts our protagonists in the story that follows is their hapless association with their ALTER EGO and their KARMA. The alter ego that inveigles them into a life of crime, and Karma that makes them pay for it.

Krimis und Thriller
10. März
Harry Harris

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