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Our manuscript, Lucifer Son of the Morning, is what we feel to be a reasonable interpretation into the path of one of the most talked-about characters throughout the history of man. Through no small effort on our behalf and with great attention to that, which is written concerning him in scripture as well as being careful to scour through the countless mythologies surrounding our books protagonist, it was our goal to take the reader into the story with a tale from behind the gates and to paint a picture of the rebellious archangel, both before and after the profound catharsis that spawned he who is readily felt by many faiths to be the embodiment of evil.

Our book begins in heaven with Lucifer leading a worship session, adorned in gold and silkhe is flawless to look upon, loving in nature, and still very much in good standings with his father, the almighty king, Jehovah God. At the onset of the book, Lucifer is a humble and revered prince, who takes exceeding pleasure in writing beautiful hymns and raising beautiful praises to his father.

Though Lucifer is tasked with much in the kingdom, he embraces it all with good cheerpraising Jehovah through verse is sustenance for him. Although Lucifers prominence is illustrated through displays of reverence by the heavenly hosts, his prestige as an archangel is not too great that the angels feel separated from him by class. No, it is balanced completely by his humility and earnestness.

Jehovah publicly exalts Lucifer before the entire angelic body. Throughout time, the transition begins to awaken Lucifer in profound ways. A byproduct of Lucifers ever-escalating wisdom is a knowledge of the thoughts of his contemporaries. The quiet subjugation from those near him comes with a twist. Suddenly, there are internal questions that begin to surface, questions about his pedigree.

God announces man and calls Adam his greatest creation, and behind this decree, the angels are told to bow. Lucifer is incensed. He refuses and blatantly disobeys Jehovah. Soon, there are conspirators and clandestine meetings in secret corners of heaven. There, with the assistance and abetting of many, Lucifer, once the humble steward and servant of his father, the king, calculates and devises a web of subterfuge in heaven and brings his own war to the gates of paradise. It sure is a lot of fun getting him there!

Anthony and Bonita

Belletristik und Literatur
20. August
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