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Medical Empathy, Pharmacological Systems, and Treatment Strategies in Integrative Cardiovascular Chinese Medicine, volume two in the Integrative Cardiovascular Chinese Medicine series, presents sections on holism and humanity in medicine, considering the patient, medical empathy in prescribing, modifying and weaning, an overview of pharmacologic systems, an overview of pharmacology sciences and the cardiovascular drug classes and types as revealed from perspectives of Chinese and Western medicine, including descriptions of pharmaceutical drugs from China and the United States, with current pictures and inpatient directions. Finally, principles and treatments according to disease stages for each cardiovascular disease within the scope of integrative medicine is outlined.

This important reference will aid cardiovascular researchers in the study of integrative Chinese and Western medicine and provide a clear, structured base to guide clinical practice and encourage collaboration between Chinese and Western medicine practitioners
Integrates Western and Chinese Medicine for a realistic and complete scope of cardiology treatment, establishing the basis for standardization and rationale of inclusion of Traditional Chinese Medicine in cardiologyIdentifies and inspires ideas where future research can develop and strengthenContains a breakdown comparison of herb and drug formula constituents on the pharmacokinetic and dynamic levelIncludes personalized medicine explaining the human genetics associated with the use of medicines and the advantages/disadvantages of herbs and/or drugs within treatment

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18. Oktober
Elsevier Science

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