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MIND CONTROL is a book that explores the unspoken of ideas of life that individuals face every day. Part One introduces you to MIND CONTROL. This section tells you exactly who they are and their purpose for mankind. I also reveal myself and those who pursue and persecute Me. I then address the current status of life on earth and the many changes that have occurred since the dawning of the new millennium. I confront Biblical Prophecy and equate them with recent past times of the world.Part Two begins the story of My Life highlighting My Differences from other earthlings. I am Geneva Le Neice Robinson. The Sun, moon, stars and clouds move when I walk outside! I did not realize this unbelievable truth until My twenty-fifth birthday. The first chapter reveals My family and My spiritual foundation built during My early years of life. There is a colorful illustration of My childhood and circumstances I encountered as the unholy stood by observing the Woman clothed with the Sun growing up into adulthood. They caused Me much trauma. I question the standards of life on earth now, in contrast to a Biblical example of how we ought to live. I show how I was taught, My Intellect, and My Desire to achieve scholastically. I then faced family hardship such as abandonment and child molestation. I wrote about my Mothers life trials and how she severely affected Me. The unholy operated Me in My adolescence, as I lived. As a teen, I rededicated My Life to GOD. Then, the unholy chased Me once again. REVELATION 12 tells the story of how Satan was defeated in Heaven and then cast to the earth, where he pursued Me, trying to kill Me. The Devil was cast alive into the Lake Of Fire. Now, all of his warriors which survived follow in his footsteps strive to overcome Me day and night, but they are defeated by GODS LOVE. LOVE is the primary powerful ingredient needed to battle evil. I intensely explain the difference between LOVE and lust with Biblical proof. I excelled as a straight A student all the way through High School and ventured off to a trap set for Me at UCLA. My heart was set on attending Howard University in Washington D.C. My Dreams were deferred and forbidden by My caregiver. UCLA devoured Me as The Dragons Empire ran people in My path and punished Me. I gave up My hopes and Dreams of becoming a doctor and started a family.I then describe My view of life in the new millennium. I played a pivotal part in the change that overtook the world. After the change, I was alienated and unable to partake in the overtly sexual nature of mankind. The Queens of Existence alerted Me that I am their sole person on earth! I endure the shock and hardship of that reality as women engulf My LIGHT daily by stepping on Me-The Light and pretending to be Queen for fun. THE END IS NOW! I explain the Bibles REVELATION and how it relates to current life on earth. Many are ending, yet there are ways to survive. I give tactics on how to continue living without ending. The battle has always been between good and evil. Although the world lies in wickedness, we have a route to life and can pursue happiness!

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