North Korean Art: The Enigmatic World of Chosonhwa

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In-depth analysis of chosonhwa, the emblem of North Korean art

The primary resource research, the first of its kind on chosonhwa

-Vivid visual materials of the North Korean art scene based on nine visits over six years by Georgetown University professor BG Muhn

-The art creation environment of North Korean contemporary ideological and collaborative paintings revealed for the first time

North Korean Art: The Enigmatic World of Chosonhwa offers the reader a rare glimpse into the art, culture, and society of North Korea, a country largely closed off from the world for more than seven decades. This book examines the development and characteristics of chosonhwa, the style of painting unique to the DPRK and that nation s primary vehicle for Socialist Realism art through the present day. Author BG Muhn made nine trips to Pyongyang in six years. He documents his journey from initial fascination, through first-hand research, to his unexpected discovery of the creative and expressive dimensions of this art form. He gained special access to see national treasures, interviewed artists and cultural leaders, and surveyed a broad range of books and visual documents. Through his perspective as a practicing visual artist, Muhn makes the case that North Korean painting merits inclusion in the global art canon. This comprehensive and revealing text is the first of its kind and is an important contribution to the fields of East Asian, 20th century and contemporary art history.

Kultur und Unterhaltung
26. Dezember
Hyunggeun Kim

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