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"The ideas are simple and easy to apply. I will continue to use the concepts on my game and share them with my students. I'm looking forward to quieting the 'gremlins' that have not allowed me to play this great game." Mick Soli, PGA Teaching Professional and Former PGA Tour Player

"The putting and short game both improved for me; the tempo verbalization, the mechanics change and doing some of the 'PVC'." Jerry Yang, Co-Founder, Yahoo

You’re probably looking at this book because you have the yips. You’ve said to yourself, ‘I hope I don’t yip it.’ Then everything becomes a blur as the demons enter the picture. The hands jerk and shake, breaking loose from their intended path and the ball caroms off at a funny angle.

A practical guide to physical and mental techniques to overcome short game yips, the book focuses on low-risk swing mechanics and overcoming mental interference. It includes ideas and photos of grip, set up, and swing modifications to reduce the risk of yipped putts, chips and pitch shots. Take this book onto the practice area. You’ll do things you’ve never tried before, such as chanting during the stroke, switching sides, the 3 finger curl, and trail-hand only chip shots.

Outwit the Yips: Proven Tips to Free your Golf Mind is written in a personal and frank style by Donn Levine, in close cooperation with Michael McTeigue, former Northern California PGA Teacher of the Year, and Ashvin Sangoram, MD, PhD. For over 40 years, Donn has explored methods to ‘Outwit the Yips’ and enjoy quality golf. This richly illustrated book will improve your mechanics and thinking on the course and help you enjoy golf again.

"I had looked for technical fixes to my chipping and putting problems for more than a decade. Your approach to looking at this from the ‘tricking the mind’ perspective is so refreshing." Hans Krueger, Founding Partner, MetaDesign and Futuredraft

"While warming up before a round last year, I overheard a golfer complaining about his chipping and pitching yips. Within ten minutes, Donn had him hitting beautiful, yip-free shots." Jay Levine, Chicago TV journalist

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Donn Levine