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If you are interested in following the Paleo or Caveman way of eating, you may already have read a lot of background information into why the human body is designed to function better on a diet as close to that of our hunter gatherer ancestors.

As agriculture has only been around for the past 10,000 years and our bodies have not evolved quickly enough to adapt to the modern diet of dairy and grain-based food, so we are still engineered to be eating a diet of meat, fish, fruit, nuts and vegetables to maintain our bodies in the best possible health.

However, if like me you are British, you may have become aware that the majority of recipe books for the Paleo/Caveman diet on the market are aimed at a mainly American readership. There is nothing wrong with this of course, but it can often prove difficult or expensive to source some of the ingredients used in these recipes for English people, as they are not commonly found in British shops or supermarkets.

The overall aim of this book is to give the average British reader a bundle of recipes that use ingredients easily found in shops, supermarkets and farmers markets in the UK and use British measurements. The recipes are based around British staple foods such as beef, chicken, lamb, pork, fish and vegetables, with a few fruit based desserts thrown in for good measure.

I also wanted this book to be cost-effective and do-able for people to follow without breaking the bank, so for this reason I have not included any breakfast bars, biscuit replacements, or cake substitutes that use expensive ingredients. Hence my preference for more naturally occurring, and cheaper, fruit based desserts.

Time is precious too, so the recipes have been chosen for their ease of preparation and/or cooking time, which means you will not be spending hours in the kitchen slaving over a hot stove.

Kochen, Wein und Gastronomie
29. Januar
Michelle Newbold

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