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Basis of this lecture is my book on „Pipeline Engineering“. This is available in our

library or for my students on very cheap conditions at ÖGS. The lecture will be

held in German or English. The content of the book contains:

Introduction including the development and use of pipeline-steels and duplexsteels,

natural gas and crude oil pipelines in Austria, in Europe, in America, in

Australia, and worldwide, failures, causes, and avoidance, crack-arrestors,

corrosion and corrosion protection, determination and evaluation of a defect


Materials for pipelines including pipeline-steels (X70, X80, X100, and X120) and

duplex-steels (1.4462) with chemical composition, standards and designations,

alloying elements, physical properties, phase diagrams, transformation

behaviour, precipitation behaviour, corrosion behaviour, mechanical

properties, manufacture;

Weldability and heat treatment of pipeline-steels and duplex-steels including

carbon equivalent (Ceq) and hardness, chromium and nickel equivalent (Creq

and Nieq), coarse grain zone in the heat affected zone, ferrite content in the

weld metal and in the heat affected zone, hydrogen induced cracks, hot

cracks, manual metal arc welding, gas metal arc welding, tungsten inert gas

welding, submerged arc welding, hyperbaric welding, new developments (stir

friction welding, electron beam welding, reduced pressure electron beam

welding, laser welding, laser hybrid welding);

Welding and mechanical technological tests (welding technological tests, tensile

tests, hardness testing, impact testing) of pipeline- and duplex-steels,

summary of the results and comparison with references;

Fracture mechanical testing (CTOD-tests, crack-arrest testing) of pipeline- and

duplex-steels, summary of the results and comparison with references,

fracture mechanical safety and fatigue life prediction, fracture mechanical

safety and life-time estimations for a natural gas pipeline;

Material physical examinations (light microscope, microhardness testing,

quantitative micro structural analysis, scanning electron microscope (SEM),

electron probe microanalysis, summary of the results and comparison with


Design, construction, and service of pipelines (onshore pipelines and offshore

pipelines), civil engineering, building of the pipeline, welding and hauling

technology, field experiences with X80, testing of welded joints, coating,

measuring, and marking, quality management, economic considerations,

safety, conservation, and ecological aspects;

Quality records, in general, study for the construction of a pipeline, comparison of

pipeline projects;

Gewerbe und Technik
19. Mai
Grafisches Zentrum HTU GmbH

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