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Disruption has changed our lives, both personal and corporate, as we know them! Overnight, businesses have shuttered their doors, laid off their staff, and turned off their lights. Overnight, businesses have had to pivot to survive. Overnight, many workers and leaders have been thrust into the digital, virtually interconnected world. Working from home, in physical isolation, became our new norm. How will we adapt and deal with this new global challenge? The results are yet to be written and evaluated. But it is an exciting time too.

We are making it up as we go along, feeling our way, one day at a time in totally unchartered territories. Some of us had already started down this virtual path of digital connection, collaboration, and creation. For others, just thrust into this digitally changing world, the results remain to be seen. More than ever, we need to work together to find our way in this confusing new world.

Suddenly being able to communicate, connect, and even conduct business in a virtual environment has become exceedingly important, even critical. We have had to mentally pivot to explore new ways to do all these important actions. I admit, I was a bit depressed when international engagements keep being postponed, canceled, or moved on-line. I had to get my mindset in adjustment that ‘even though I was not able to travel, my ideas could’, and they have.

Like many of my speaking and training colleagues, I am exploring different ways to continue to deliver solid value to my clients – digital ways to connect, educate, and engage. My commitment to help my clients is as strong as ever, stronger, just the delivery methods have changed.

More than ever we need to reassess what business we are in, who are our potential clients, and how can we best reach and serve them despite these disruptive times.

More than ever we need to learn how to reach out and connect and communicate with those who are important to us: our families, our friends, our colleagues, our clients.

Those who take this seriously and adapt will emerge stronger, perhaps, totally redesigned, and restructured. And, perhaps more relevant and profitable as well. This is our opportunity, our challenge as business leaders, to demonstrate our commitment to our clients, teams, suppliers, and communities.

We can do it by working together! We can do it by sharing our lessons and encouragement in moving online and moving forward. That is why I created PIVOT to Present.

Gesundheit, Körper und Geist
2. November
Bob Hooey

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