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Hurricanes, tornadoes, Ebola outbreaks or complete government meltdown are just a few of things we could be facing in the days ahead.  We all need to be prepared for whatever might come our way.  In order to be prepared, we have to know what to do and how to do it when we are faced with emergency situations.  There will be times that regardless of how much we have planned, we are faced with a few uncomfortable situations.  When those situations arise, it’s always nice to have a few tricks up our sleeves to get us by until we can find something that works better.  

Whether we are trying to deal with a lack of electricity or defending ourselves against others or animals, it is important that we know that there are different methods and strategies that we can use to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe in times of turmoil and disaster.  We will take about 48 different prepper hacks that might not be for the ideal situation, but can sure help you out when you find yourself in a pinch.  These hacks are the perfect solution to keeping devastating situations from happening to you.

A few of the topics that we will cover include:

- Creating Light Sources from Everyday Household Items.

- Easy Defensive Weapons You Might Never Have Thought Of.

- Ways to Prevent and Treat Health Hazards With Everyday Household Products.

- Simple Ways to Start Fires With Everyday Household Products.

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