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Tig Martin was always a fun-loving kind of guy, until her. After Wendy, he no longer believes in love, trust or relationships, and feels happiness is a fairytale. A tragic incident while dealing with club business leaves him broken and lost in a foggy haze. When he finally wakes up, life is confusing and his memories are shadowed between the past and the present.

Danika Weston loves Tig with all of her heart, but she knows she'll never be his chosen forever. Before she can share her impending news, Tig is called away on club business. Receiving the phone call that he's been critically injured causes the ground to drop from beneath her. Now in Texas with the rest of the Rebel Guardians family, she struggles between waiting for what might not be with Tig and moving forward with what could be with another.

Link Knight is a prospect with the Rebel Guardians and has been tasked with the protection of Danika. She's everything he ever wanted so it's no hardship for him to be around her day in and day out. He knows that she likely belongs to another, but his VP has yet to realize the precious gem that's been right in front of him the whole time. He vows to show her how a man should love a woman.

Can the three of them come to a resolution together or will they find themselves seeking their own paths?

**Ages 18+ due to subject matter and content**

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30. März
Liberty Parker

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