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Nicky Cruz’s heart had turned to stone when he was only three. His mother nicknamed him the “son of Satan,” and he was severely abused, both physically and mentally. After moving from Puerto Rico to New York, Nicky became the leader of a notorious street gang— the Mau Maus. He turned into a violent street criminal before he was eighteen. David Wilkerson, a skinny preacher from Pennsylvania, reached out to him with relentless love. He said, “Nicky, Jesus loves you,” and this simple message opened the door to a new life for Nicky Cruz. Run Baby Run, now a classic that has sold over 12 million copies, tells his exciting story with gripping openness. Billy Graham wrote, “The story of Nicky Cruz is remarkable. It has all the elements of tragedy, violence, and intrigue, plus the greatest ingredient of all: the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” “Run Baby Run is a thrilling story. Thousands of troubled young people have read this story and turned their lives over to Christ!” Jamie Buckingham, co-author. Nicky’s personal challenge to young people today, his thoughts regarding teen violence, and a helpful and practical action plan for concerned parents ensure that this classic testimony will continue to change the lives of our young people. Nicky wants you to know the truth of the life-changing words that penetrated his heart when he was a violent young man who abused others, alcohol, and drugs: “Jesus loves you!”

Religion und Spiritualität
2. Dezember
Bridge-Logos Publishers

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