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The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time

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A 10th Anniversary edition of the bestselling productivity bible from the co-creator of Scrum - now updated with brand new methods for working faster and smarter. __________________________________________ ‘This book contains immense practical value that could be transformative for your company.’ STEPHEN LUNDIN, New York Times bestselling author of Fish! ‘Full of engaging stories and real-world examples . . . On a mission to put this tool into the hands of the broader business world for the first time, Jeff Sutherland succeeds brilliantly.’ ERIC RIES, New York Times bestselling author of The Lean Startup ____________________________ Scrum is the reason that Amazon can launch a new feature on its website every day. It's how the FBI finally created a massive terrorist-tracking database. It has revolutionised productivity and team-building in industries as varied as the military and healthcare in major hospitals. The reason for the rapid embrace of Scrum across so many disciplines is simple: organisations that implement the Scrum method typically double productivity and quality - and sometimes the increase can be as much as twelve-fold. Now, in this new 10th Anniversary edition, JJ and Jeff Sutherland take the project management system that everyone continues to talk about even further, sharing brand new case studies and anecdotes, from how John Deere used Scrum to increase their supply chain during the pandemic despite nationwide shutdowns, to how the UK ministry of defence is using Scrum across their entire military in response to emerging threats like Russia and China, and how agile and scrum teams are collaborating with AI to be more effective than both humans or robots alone. A lot has changed in the last ten years, but the good news is that the Scrum framework is as adaptable as it is effective. Filled with actionable tips on how to build teams, set goals and monitor progress, it also includes brand-new research on the psychology of how we work and stay motivated. Scrum is the book every working professional and business leader needs. __________________________ 'Engaging, persuasive and extremely practical . . . Scrum provides a simple framework for solving what seem like intractable and complicated work problems. Amazingly, this book will not only make your life at work and home easier, but also, better and happier.' - SHAWN ACHOR, New York Times bestselling author of BEFORE HAPPINESS and THE HAPPINESS ADVANTAGE ‘If there was a Nobel Prize for management, and if there was any justice in the world, I believe that the prize would be awarded . . . to the invention of Scrum.’ Forbes 'Scrum is mandatory reading for any leader, whether they're leading troops on the battlefield or in the marketplace. The challenges of today's world don't permit the luxury of slow, inefficient work. Success requires tremendous speed, enormous productivity, and an unwavering commitment to achieving results. In other words, success requires Scrum.' - U.S. General BARRY McCAFFREY 'Jeff Sutherland is the master of creating high-performing teams. The subtitle of this book understates Scrum's impact. If you don't get three times the results in one-third the time, you aren't doing it right!' - SCOTT MAXWELL, Founder & Senior Managing Director, OpenView Venture Partners 'This deceptively simple system is the most powerful way I've seen to improve the effectiveness of any team. I started using it with my business and family halfway through reading the book. - LEO BABAUTA, creator of ZEN HABITS '[Scrum] dramatically increases productivity while reducing employees' frustrations with the typical corporate nonsense. This book is the best description I've seen of how this process can work across many industries. Senior leaders should not just read the book - they should do what Sutherland recommends.' - PROFESSOR JEFFREY PFEFFER, Stanford Business School; co-author of THE KNOWING-DOING GAP

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Scrum - ein Buch über Zusammenarbeit Scrum - ein Buch über Zusammenarbeit
Scrum Scrum
A Scrum Book A Scrum Book
Scrum. Czyli jak robić dwa razy więcej dwa razy szybciej Scrum. Czyli jak robić dwa razy więcej dwa razy szybciej

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