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Elijah Grant was built tough, not only by the Navy SEAL Alliance, but by his mean-spirited father. When he got word of his father's passing, he dreaded making the trip from his now home in Miami, Florida, to the island of Molokai, Hawaii. What others would view as a paradise, Elijah viewed as a personal hell, surrounded only by bad memories.

When Elijah arrived on the island, much of the place hadn't changed, with the exception of Taylor Madden. His fallen brother from the SEALS, and childhood best friend's younger sister had blossomed into a beautiful young woman, one that Elijah immediately sought after to make his time on the island more tolerable.

Taylor Grant had the perfect family, a loving father, a protective older brother that she looked up to, but suddenly she found herself pulled from her busy life in New York, and dropped back on the small island in Hawaii where she grew up, in the same house, but without either of the men in her life.

The struggle to overcome the guilt of her father's passing, and the desire to learn details about how her brother had fallen while serving their country overwhelmed her with grief. When a familiar face, Elijah Grant appeared on the island, she thought he could give her the answers she was looking for, but he ended up giving her much more than she ever expected.

16. Dezember
Alexa Davis

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