Self-discipline and Focus to Become a Millionaire in 12 Months

Proven methods of determination, grind, hustle and execution to 10X

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Want to lead a life of lasting financial prosperity and personal success

This book is not only aimed at awakening the giant in you with self-discipline tips, but it is practical with huge changes resulting from bite-size tasks that you can decide to do in less than five seconds. From taking a reality check of your benchmark, weighing your options, formulating a plan, sticking to what works for you, and removing distractions, to growth potential from lessons on smart investing, guide to easy side hustles that you can implement on your schedule, you have no choice left but cruise to your millions!

This comprehensive book contains One month, one action and 12 months to make you a millionaire!

he vision of Christina's debut book is to help people harness a millionaire mindset and build an unshakable sense of confidence. By instilling tenets like unwavering discipline and razor-sharp focus, she teaches entrepreneurs how to become self-made millionaires within a year's time. Her second book will help beginners get started with tried-and-true information and ultimately pave their way to passive income and financial stability.

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