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Tempted by Two Wolves

Christina was a small town nurse out having a girls' night with her best friend. Little did she know she would come across a tall and darkly handsome man who intrigued her, made her laugh, and made her want him. When Tarik was suddenly called away after giving Christina a kiss she'd never forget, Christina was shocked by something she simply could not accept. That is until Roland came to find her. 

Roland's task was to bring Christina to Tarik, but a spark was had between the two that couldn't be denied. Once alone with Tarik and Roland something happened that Christina never would have foreseen between the three of them, and she learned that what she feared was true; they were werewolves. 

Christina returned home trying to come to terms with everything that had taken place, but then the unexpected happened when members of an enemy werewolf pack knocked on Christina's door. Could she accept Tarik and Roland? And most importantly, was she in danger from the members of the enemy pack?s only!

Double Her Dragons

Two of Them: She gets more than she bargained for on her mission for adventure. 
One of Her: Neither is willing to give her up and tempers will flare. The only solution is to share. 

Ava Murphy never really knew what it meant to be spontaneous and to live life on her terms until she made a promise to do just that. Packing up and moving from the small town she grew up in, her mission is to experience everything she missed out on. Ending up in Houston, she encounters two men who will give her more adventure than she can handle, and she will love every scandalous, passionate minute of it. 

Zac and Mason are men unlike any others Ava has ever met. They make her feel alive, and she completes them both, but the secret they carry might scare her away. The love triangle causes tempers to rise and secrets to be revealed. Neither man is willing to give her up. Ava will have to make the choice to walk away or choose one. But what happens when she admits that she wants them both? At the end of her quest for adventure, her life will change forever.

Double Bears

Cynthia loves books and the adventurous lives of the people in them, but she herself lives the normal life of a librarian. Rarely does she ever go out. Most of her days consists of reading and working at the library. That is until she is nearly killed by a man on the run. In fear of her life, she tries to run away and runs smack into the men who are chasing the man who have taken her hostage.

Shaun and Gerald are known in the shapeshifter circle as the Brothers Swagger for they are the best bounty hunters there are. They save Cynthia from her would be kidnapper and return her safely to her home. For the Brothers Swagger, the job is done, but for Cynthia something has changed. She can't get the two men out of her head. Even at work all she can think about is having both of them in her bedroom at once. A thought so foreign that she wonders if it is her own. When they ask her to dinner, a part of her just wants to say no and be done with them, but a much bigger part of her wants to go, so she accepts the invitation. After dinner, they take her home and the whole way Cynthia can't stop thinking about them. When they pull up in front of her house, she decides to invite them inside. Will they take her up on her offer?

27. August
Scarlet Heart Publishing

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