So, Now You're a Sales Manager

What every sales manager should know about sales management from day 1

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Have you just taken on the role of Sales Manager, or soon will? 

Are you ready for the team, customer and upwards reporting challenges you are going to face? Do you know the key areas you must focus on in your first few days, weeks and months to ensure you don’t lose sales, or salespeople? Do you know how to pick the best opportunities using customer potential and satisfaction, percent share, product mix and gross profit margin? What strategies and tools will you use to meet your new list of demands — such as accurate whole-team forecasting, effective coaching and mentoring, setting motivating targets, performing joint sales visits or preparing for year end? 

As a highly qualified, long-time sales executive, sales performance researcher, coach and trainer, Greg Lee knows very well what new sales managers face and what they need to do to succeed.

In this book you will learn:

- How to skilfully manage the people and customer issues you will face in your first days, weeks and months as a sales manager

- How to analyse sales data to identify sales team development needs, set targets and produce reliable sales forecasts

- How to use joint sales visits, coaching, mentoring and motivation theory to secure sales, retain customers and develop your team

- How to structure and populate sales reports and valuable data tables

- How weighted percentages, the S-P-C model, the Confidence Clock and GROW can help you boost individual performance, improve forecasting and build business. 

Told through the eyes of an intrepid new sales manager, Mick, this book is full of examples and expert advice for you to follow, and practical, research-based tools and strategies you can start using right away. 

If you’re new (or newish) to the challenges of sales management, 'So Now You’re a Sales Manager' is the book for you.

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