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We all know that exercise generates numerous health benefits, alongside the aesthetics of a strong, lean, fit looking body.  However, modern day life often makes it difficult to find time for the gym, as our daily lives are jam packed with timelines, commitments, and daily surprises.  When we finally make time to go the gym, the next step of knowing what to do, when to do it, and how, is even more daunting.  None of us wish to waste precious time by doing something without seeing desired results.  We all share the same common goals to lose fat, increase lean body mass, look and feel better.  Some of us may be new to the gym, or coming back from an injury, and are unsure how to begin.  Others, may have come to a stand still in their training; reaching a plateau and looking for a new way to train.  

The common question is, what’s keeping us from reaching those fitness goals?

For some, it’s the anxiety of entering the gym—mainly due to having no plan, and not knowing what to do.  For others it’s the stagnation of doing the same old routine and program over and over again.  Our lack of progress lies within not being informed as to how the body understands and responds to physical stress—exercise.  With countless experts in the field, the information is ever changing as science evolves at a fast pace.  Often opinions of those experts contradict each other, pulling us in different lines of thought.  Some advocate resistance training while others insist on cardio as the ultimate method to lose fat, gain muscle and so on.  This can be overwhelming to anyone wishing to understand research and apply it to their training.

The answers to all of your fitness related confusions are presented in this book.  A must have for any female who is serious about reaching her fitness goals—from a novice trainee, or someone returning to the gym after extensive leave, to a female experiencing plateaus and/or wishing to elevate training potential.  The three plus years of research and experimentation have been created into a system and presented in the simplest of terms.  

In this book, the authors discuss how the body works mechanically and metabolically — what it does during exercise, and how it responds afterwards.  By understanding body’s interpretation of fat, calories and mechanical overload, the authors create conditions favouring desired results of stronger, leaner, faster—overall lean and healthy body.

This book has taken 2 Scientists - Victor and Dupinder:

3+ years of research, experimentations, and interpretation of data.
analyzing and interpreting 100+ articles
reading 30+ health, fitness and training books
1500+ hours to compile this information into an easy, compact book format.

Topics discussed include:

Strength Training - principles and best methods for achieving a strong and fit body.

Metabolism - what happens before, during, and after exercise.

Hormones - their involvement in an exercise session and body maintenance

The Menstrual Cycle - it’s effects on your training and health. 

Fat - 2 chapters are dedicated to the subject, from spot fat to female athlete triad considerations are discussed. 

Energy Systems - how to maximize on ATP generation and tap into fat reserves towards achieving results.

Body Mechanics - integration of principles into training protocols generating an efficient body.

Setting Goals - understanding your wants and translating them into planned exercise stages.

The authors compiled material explaining what works, how it works, and why it works.  This Book contains easy to read chapters on every aspect of training, that targets every body system towards Stronger, Leaner, Faster.  Finally, you now have a book that takes the guess work out of the equation.

Gesundheit, Körper und Geist
9. Januar
Science and Strength

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