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Have you ever dreamed of learning the beautiful art of candle making?

Well, now you can! ...And the best part is that you'll not only learn the basics of this fun craft, but you'll also discover how to transform your newfound skills into cash!

Did you know that the average person making & selling candles collects an extra $2,000 -$40,000 to deposit in their bank a year?

Practically anyone can make candles... With a method for all skill levels, candle making is an activity for people of all ages, from kids to baby boomers. In fact...

Candle making is a piece of cake...

Actually, candle making is easier than baking a cake.

In fact, there isn't a simpler, more satisfying craft. Once you get the materials together and master the basic directions, you'll be able to make a variety of candles just by tweaking a basic recipe.

And in case you're still wondering...

Candle making is for you if you enjoy seeing beautiful decorations...

Candle making is for you if you love giving unique gifts to friends, family and co-workers on special occasions, birthdays and holidays...

Candle making is for you if you enjoy a challenge...

Candle making is for you if you're looking for an exciting new hobby to get involved with...

Candle making is for you if you want to start your very own home-based business with virtually no startup costs...

Candle making is for you if you could use an extra $1,000, $3,000, $5,000+ in the bank each and every month...

Now that you see that candle making is for you, today is your lucky day because this candle-making guide has helped ordinary people just like you learn and master the art of making candles.

Whether you've been crafting for years or are just getting started, you'll discover:

- The right materials, tools, and equipment to use

- How to create a special crafting place in your home

- Ways to sell your creations at craft shows, shops, and other outlets

- How to go from knowing absolutely nothing about making candles to having a thriving candle making business that makes you money like clock work.

If you have the desire, you have the determination that it takes to be successful at making candles, but the only thing that you're lacking is the know-how and guidance.

Once you have a sure-proofed way to knowing all there is to know about making candles, you'll be a success in just days from now!

With so many candles out there, there are so many possibilities for you. In fact, with the guidance of this amazing guide, you'll be making candles left and right with no problem whatsoever.

You'll discover how to make:

- Container candles
- Votive candles
- Pillar candles
- Dipped candles
- Beeswax candles
- Scented soy candles
- Taper candles
- Tea-light candles
- Floating candles
- Wickless candles
- Gel candles

You'll discover all of this and more!

There's nothing else on the market quite like this guide. This easy-to-understand guide takes you by the hand and walks you step-by-step through the process of making candles, quickly and easily.

Unlike many other guides or even candle-making classes, this guide is specifically designed for ordinary people just like you and lays everything out in plain, simple English so easy that even a second-grader could follow along.

This Guide Will:

- Provide you with step-by-step instructions & everything else in between to ensure that you're a success at making candles
- Make everything so simple and easy for you
- Empower you with the knowledge, skill, and ability to make candles as a hobby, as well as monetize it for a thriving home-based business

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to know how to make professional-looking candles, quickly and easily...and even make money while you are at it, then this book is for you today!

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