Teaching Sport Concepts and Skills

A Tactical Games Approach

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This worldwide top-selling text on the tactical games approach is stronger than ever.

The fourth edition of Teaching Sport Concepts and Skills: A Tactical Games Approach adds four new chapters, more lesson and unit plans, and more detailed guidance in addressing broad ranges of student abilities than ever before. It offers the same stellar foundation for understanding the principles behind the approach, and instruction in applying the approach, to help students learn the concepts and develop the skills involved in a variety of sports.

Elementary school teachers will use games to teach the basic concepts and tactics of invasion sports, net and wall sports, striking and fielding sports, and target sports. Middle school and high school instructors will guide students in developing sport-specific technical skills for 12 sports, including soccer, lacrosse, flag football, tennis, basketball, and volleyball.

The book has four new chapters that will help you do the following:
• Align the tactical games approach to content standards in the United States and other countries
• Use technology in tactical games teaching and assessment
• Use the games to teach social justice
• Develop approaches to teaching social and emotional learning (SEL) through tactical games

Teaching Sport Concepts and Skills offers more than 350 detailed lesson and unit plans that can be used as is or be easily modified and incorporated into an existing curriculum. More than 240 diagrams throughout the lessons make it easy to set up and execute the games. There are 14 video clips, delivered on HKPropel, that show some lessons in action—for example, the volleyball segments show complete question-and-answer sessions, highlighting an effective way to make sure students are understanding the lesson.

Also available on HKPropel are reproducible forms, including a team contract, assessments, and game scenario worksheets for tactical problem solving. (For each thumbnail reproducible worksheet shown in the book, readers can download the full-size versions from HKPropel.) These resources will help teachers put concepts from the text into use with their students.

Teaching Sport Concepts and Skills is organized into three parts:
Part I offers a thorough understanding of the tactical games approach—preparing and teaching students, transferring tactical knowledge, planning the curriculum, assessing learner performance, using games to teach social justice and to take social emotional learning into account, and more.
Part II provides lesson plans for varying levels of complexity—with modifications and progressions—for invasion games, net and wall games, striking and fielding games, and target games, all at the elementary school level. The authors take great care in helping readers understand how to individualize instruction for novice, developing, and advanced performers by either reducing or increasing the challenges involved with the tasks.
• In part III, secondary-level teachers can choose from lesson plans for various levels of play in 12 sports.

Teaching Sport Concepts and Skills offers expert instruction and an array of multilevel games that provide an exciting and interactive environment for learning in all domains. Current and future teachers will learn how to structure positive and engaging learning experiences that set the stage for students to improve their performance, develop problem-solving skills, and enhance their lifelong enjoyment of sport.

Note: A code for accessing HKPropel is not included with this ebook but may be purchased separately.

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