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"THE BIG MANGO is considered a classic. It features freelancing CIA agents, tough-as-nails Vietnamese secret policewomen, a huge amount of money missing from a bank in Saigon, and a downwardly mobile lawyer from San Francisco named Eddie Dare scratching out a living in Bangkok right in the middle of it all." -- Crime Reads

"There's no room for improvement. THE BIG MANGO is as good as it gets." -- The Bangkok Post

$400,000,000 is in the wind, ten tons of cash, the result of a bungled CIA operation to grab the foreign currency from the Bank of Vietnam when the Americans fled Saigon in 1975.

A few decades later, the word on the street is that all that money somehow ended up in Bangkok and a downwardly mobile lawyer from California named Eddie Dare is the only guy left alive who might still have a shot at finding it. The problem is, Eddie knows nothing about the missing money. At least, he doesn't think he does. But so many people claim he's got an inside track that he and an old marine buddy improbably enough named Winnebago Jones decide to head for Bangkok anyway and do a little treasure hunting. What do they have to lose, huh?

When they plunge into the jagged netherworld of modern-day Thailand, it doesn't take long for things to get weird. From the Big Apple, to the Big Orange, to the Big Mango. You have to admit it has a kind of nutty logic to it. Bangkok is about as far from California as Eddie can go without sailing completely over the edge of the world. Although, at times, he wonders if that isn't exactly what he has done.

THE BIG MANGO from Jake Needham, a #1 best-selling author of international crime fiction. Get it now!

Krimis und Thriller
17. Januar
Half Penny Ltd

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