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Was he Mr. Right, or was it just the best fling of her life?

A passionate fling with a billionaire at a conference in Switzerland left serious business analyst, Lissa Edwards, breathless and grinning from ear to ear, wondering if she’d finally found Mr. Right, because their affair had been so intense. And not just from her point of view. Julio Torres seemed equally eager to take things to the next level... she had no doubt that he'd keep his promise see her again very soon - so they could give their cross-continental relationship a chance to see where things might lead.

Lissa returned to her consulting firm in New York and Julio Torres returned to his business empire headquarters in Barcelona, Spain. And he didn't call her.

Days passed and then weeks passed and despite some subtle attempts to reach out, Julio didn’t reply.

Saddened and disappointed, Lissa had too much pride, and was too practical by nature to allow herself to moan and groan, or go out of her way to press him for an explanation. She didn't need to. She understood.

Men say things they don’t mean to get you in bed – and that’s all it was.

She’s wasn’t about to chase after some man, no matter how amazing she felt in his arms…no matter how much her heart kept telling her that ,he was the one. Obviously, her heart wasn't thinking very clearly!

But, Lissa's determination to forget about Julio Torres is blown out of the water the moment she finds out that she's pregnant with the billionaire’s triplets!

The Billionaire's Triplets - Book 1

26. Juli
Mia Caldwell

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