The Coven

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Former detective Joe Robinson's six year old daughter has been kidnapped by a coven of witches intent on sacrificing her on the next full moon.

A series of grisly child sacrificial murders have occurred in Alabama. Now, former Mobile detective Joe Robinson's 6 year old daughter has been taken and appears to be the next victim of a coven of witches sacrificing children in hopes of resurrecting an ancient witch. Robinson has 3 weeks until the next full moon to find the coven and save his child. He enlists the aid of a man facing execution for killing a member of the coven months before in an attempt to find the coven's whereabouts. The man, whose son was killed by the coven years before agrees to help Robinson and, with the aid of Robinson's friends and allies a three week search to find them begins.

Each time it looks as if Robinson may finally catch a break another obstruction blocks his path. As Halloween night, and the full moon approach, it appears that he has lost his child and the coven has escaped. But one final opportunity presents itself and Robinson and his friends race through endless darkness to face a terror never thought to exists in modern times. Can he save his child and defeat the witch and her coven in time?

Krimis und Thriller
7. August
Lee Bragan

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