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In Initiation, Jane Browne, a recently widowed grandmother, never dreamed she's find a new love, especially not at Prometheus, a BDSM club she impulsively decides to explore. It certainly isn't easy, however. While trying to overcome the burdens of low self-esteem and physical ailments, Jane also must fight a rival for her new Master's affections. Master Angus Scott has a tragic past, and he is determined to never have a permanent relationship. When he first sees Jane, the attraction is undeniable and, despite his best efforts, he finds himself falling in love with her. As the two explore the BDSM lifestyle, Jane regains her confidence, defeats her rival, and seizes her chance of a happily ever after.

In Master Eric's Virgin Sub, Master Eric Ballater, the Dom bartender at Prometheus, meets Emma Browne, a beautiful blonde virgin, who is curious about the club and lifestyle. She returns for an exploratory visit...and likes what she sees. Emma is happy settling into her new life, until someone steals her identity, sending abusive e-mails in her name and charging large amounts of money to her credit card. Master Eric, determined to help Emma, sets a trap for the stalker, eventually snaring him. Thinking everything is over, Emma and Eric begin to explore BDSM more, falling in love in the process. But Emma is torn between her love for Eric and the disapproval of her family if they found out about her lifestyle. Then, at the club's anniversary celebrations, the stalker returns to attack Emma. Can Eric save her in time and win her heart completely?

In Fiona's Two Masters, Fiona Stuart in running from her violent ex-boyfriend. When she stopped to visit her best friend, Fiona never expected to find love in a BDSM club with Masters Alexander and Ruari Scott. However, Fiona's ex is determined to make her regret leaving him. He stalks and attacks her but is thwarted by her two Doms. He tries again, only to fall into a trap set by the Masters Scott, and he is dealt a taste of his own medicine. Fiona loves Alexander and Ruari but can't make herself say the words. She doesn't believe that they can love her back with all her mental and physical scars. But Alexander and Ruari have their own plans for a happily ever after.

In Learning to Live with Her Master, after their collaring ceremony, Jane Browne and Angus Scott go on holiday to Southern Spain and begin adjusting to their new lives, falling more deeply in love every day. However, when they return, they discover that Emma, Jane's granddaughter, has had her own share of troubles and danger. Losing her temper, Jane challenges Master Angus and his two nephews, who are also Doms. Angus is forced to punish her, but after seeing how much he disliked having to do so, will Jane forgive him? Then, a woman from Angus's past appears, claiming he is her love. Jane flees, heartbroken. Will Angus lose her? Or can they overcome their difficulties and learn to live together at last?

In Reconciliation, five years ago, Llewellyn Morgan left to take up a training job in Wales and to repay a debt of honor. Before he left, he uncollared his sub Gloria Jessops, nearly breaking her heart in two. Now, he is back and wants to pick up where they left off. He even wants a family with her. Gloria is still in love with him and agrees to be collared again, but he has a hard time convincing her that he isn't going to leave again. Just as things begin to settle, a man approaches Gloria and tries to blackmail her with photos he has taken of her and Llewellyn making love. What will happen when Llewellyn discovers Gloria looking at the photos? Can the two of them finally find their happily ever after together? ** A Siren Erotic Romance

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