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On a business trip in Japan, Mark Raspert, a young CEO of a small software company, dies unexpectedly. His questions regarding life after death are answered by seven unlikely spirit guides, and what they reveal is nothing like he expected. Led by the spirit of an ancient Greek named Kyros, Mark learns that most of the souls of the billions of humans who have died during the course of Earth’s history have been destroyed by an evil entity that now has its sights on obliterating the spirits of the living.

After finding out he’s the only spirit in the group who possesses the ability to affect the other side, Mark must make a connection with someone who’s still alive in order to prevent the eradication of all human souls. That person is Kalvin West, a famed TV psychic who recently lost his ability to communicate with the dead, or so he thinks. Mark and the other spirits attempt to use the unsuspecting Kal to contain the evil entity, but things go awry when Kal is accidentally sent to the spirit world and appears to be in a coma to the living. Now Mark and Kal must work together to try to get Kal’s spirit back into his body and stop the destruction of humanity.

Meanwhile, college students and paranormal investigator hobbyists Zach Lennox and Tony Hernandez discover that ghostly activity has stopped all over the world and eventually trace it back to when Kal lost his gift to speak to the dead. With the help of Tony’s sister, Kenzie, they embark on an investigation that challenges what they know about the paranormal and throws them into the middle of Mark and Kal’s fight for humanity’s continued existence. It’s going to take those who are alive and those who aren’t, working together, to save us all.

Science-Fiction und Fantasy
30. November
Daniel A. Humm