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He was her worst fear—and her only hope.

The saga of King Armander’s family continues with the coming-of-age story of his eldest daughter in the second book of the epic fantasy romance series, The World of Pangaea.

As her father's designated successor, Princess Leeahna wants nothing more than to be a good queen to her people. Yet she is haunted by a witch's prophecy, spoken before her birth: “One day this child will cause a savage to sit on her father’s throne.”

Reasoning that she cannot defeat an enemy she does not know, and determined to defy her destiny, Leeahna secretly ventures into savage territory. Then everything goes very, very wrong.

Lost, starving, and afraid, Leeahna must grudgingly rely on the taciturn savage who is her unlikely rescuer. Their journey through the treacherous jungle soon shakes her lifelong beliefs. She has always despised his people as enemies, even as less than human. How is it possible, then, that she is falling in love with him?

But the savage is no ordinary man. No man at all, in fact. Leeahna has risked her crown to love him, unaware how much more he has sacrificed in loving her. By the time she learns the truth, it may be too late to save him—or to save their kingdoms from a bloody war of retribution.

* * *

A note about the series: Each novel in the series has a short story prequel, and all may be read as standalones. There are no cliffhangers. However, characters do carry over from one book to the next. To know them better, and for more background on Pangaea, start with the free short story that introduces the series, The King’s Witch, then continue with the rest of the series in order. The novels are romances, while the short stories are not. All are adult fiction intended for mature audiences aged 18 and older.

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Sondra Allan Carr

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