They Call Me Evil (The Twisted Earth) They Call Me Evil (The Twisted Earth)

They Call Me Evil (The Twisted Earth‪)‬

The Twisted Earth

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My name is Hiram E. Schwerin and I am a trader; I travel the wastelands looking for things to sell or to trade for the things I need to survive and hopefully a little jack left over. It is at times a thankless and dangerous profession but rotting away in some settlement for what coin an employer will give you sounds much more dangerous to me. If you are interested in what I have for sale or trade, perhaps we can do business; I deal in fair coin and I don't care to a large extent who carries it. Also, if you are in need of something, I might be able to find it for you...for a price. Before you decide to cheat me or steal from me or provoke me though, you best know this. I spent ten years with a whip on my back and not even death scares me let alone you or any other vermin that travel the lands whether it is man or mutant. The same goes for your twisted ideas of religion; keep them to yourself because I have read the predark tomes of such knowledge and I find it to be hollow in its promises. I wasn't always a trader, but another such individual thought I had promise. He has been dead some years, so I carry on as best as I can in his stead using what he learned as well as what I can learn. If you are seeking me, I use my middle name though it is a sobriquet of sorts...They Call Me Evil

The darkrock mines and the Chusanns are ten years behind him but though Hiram (or Evil as he is now known) may have changed in some respects, the brutality and misery of his past still colors his present. He was educated and he knew how to get the good Oltec, but his cold blue eyes were often a harsh judge of things while his weapons saw constant use. Nisee has become a settled area under aegis of common law and free trading is becoming outlawed. After yet one more violent act and a narrow escape from a rope, Evil is told to leave Nisee for good. A Tavern Tale he is told turns out to be the truth, but bad will always balance the good and when he has a newly found wagon, a new (but very strange) canine companion and a large load of scavenged Oltec, the bad will be exceptional. It starts when a woman flees through his camp followed by a confrontation with her pursuers and degenerates from there. Evil finds a place to trade and sell what he has found but a war is in the making. The people of New Coventry are clueless about the gathering storm, the cultural hatred and economics of the place is as twisted and virulent as could be and in a place called Churchtown, a religious leader's sociopathic greed knows no bounds as he plots revenge. While waging economic war against a town is one thing, picking a fight with a trader is another thing entirely. The matter won't be settled until the last man is left standing, but that will be time enough for many to die....

Science-Fiction und Fantasy
27. Mai
Timothy Linnomme

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