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The essence of ThiruppAvai is that ANDAL observed the month- long ritual called pavai-vratam to perform eternal service to the Lord and thereby gain the ultimate fruit of gaining the Lord as Her husband. She joined with the young milk-maids to observe this noble ritual. This book contains the description of this ritual and the teachings of Goda in a conversational format.

During the observance of this ritual, ANDAL considered SrivilliputthUr as the Vrindavan in the north, the girls of Her birthplace as the Gopis and Herself as one of the Gopis and the temple of Vadapatra Saayee as the home of King Nanda and Vadapatra Saayee as Lord KrishNa Himself. This feeling state ( bhAvanai) ripened and led to the divine thirty paasurams of ThiruppAvai. ANDAL shows us the way to observe the Vratam in a spirit of Bridal Mysticism to gain the Lord's ParamAnugraham to serve Him forever at His Supreme abode.

ThiruppAvai is eulogised as GodhOpanishad since it summarises the sacred meanings of the Upanishads. Govindan, the object of ANDAL's worship in ThiruppAvai has blessed us with Srimad Bhagavad Gita, which contains 700 slOkams; it is also Upanishad Saaram and hence it is revered as GitOpanishad. Both GitOpanishad and GodhOpanishad belong to the noble category of adhyAtmika Saastrams enjoying Bhagavad GuNAnubhavams and the five VedAntic doctrines (artha panchakam) linked to our quest for salvation.

Religion und Spiritualität
25. März
Swetha Sundaram

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