Twisted Dreams

Twenty on a Forty in a Women's Supermax

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Sofia Marie Santini's life has taken a drastic turn, when she finds herself divorced and sentenced to three consecutive forty-year sentences in prison. She goes from soccer mom to inmate in the only super-maximum-security prison for women in America. Soon she realizes nobody's going home; very few inmates make it out of these gates...

Sofia never stops dreaming of the life she loved. It's those intensely vivid dreams that keep her firmly anchored to what she wants more than anything else: family and freedom. Her dreams are so real, it's like she's living two lives. Intertwined are the deepest desires of her heart, and her worst nightmare ever!

Not long after she arrives at SMPW, horrifying and unbelievable things start to happen. She sees and feels the corruption all around her, and it's closing in fast! When one of her friends vanishes into thin air, she quickly learns that to survive this place, she must do things she would never do in her wildest dreams, and she does.

When Sophia and Zoe find the prison's dirty little secret, this forty-year sentence turns into a game of life or death. She never asked herself the question: what did I to deserve this?

She knows what she did...

Krimis und Thriller
7. Februar
Rachel Hardwicke