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This is NOT your average real estate book. 

We don't assume you've got a massive amount of money to invest. We're not going to throw you into a high-risk, low-reward market that puts you in a precarious position.

We ARE going to show you how to build your recession-proof real estate empire from ground zero.

We're going to assume you have no money to start with and give you a system to implement to find massive success in the real estate industry.

This book is for the average person who wants to buy their first couple of properties (actual homes, not giant complexes or corporate buildings), who probably hasn't invested in anything before and is interested in using real estate to leverage their way to financial freedom.

The strategies in this book are VERY different from those mentioned in other real estate books.

Most large-scale real estate strategies are constantly in danger of cyclical downturns.

Every 10 years or so, we hear about a market crash, a market downturn, or the shrinking of the real estate market. And every 10 years, many developers and investors are shattered, and their strategies have no way of helping them out of their misery.

Nor is this house flipping in 90 days - the sensational high-risk strategy that should be reserved for television shows.

The strategy we’re going to give you is different. We're going to give you several sound economic principles that will not only help you endure a recession but thrive while others are struggling.

Instead of wondering if you're going to pay off your house by the time you retire, your house is going to fund your retirement.


By using the power of the 3-2-1 Formula.

The 3-2-1 Formula is a very specific strategy that helps you buy your first three-story multifamily home in a way that allows you to have one level of the house to yourself while renting out the other two, making your home a 3-2-1 profit center!

Business & Personal Finance
Brent Selden
hr min
6 March
Dragon God Inc