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Have you ever felt like you didn't fit in? Did you feel you were bullied as a kid by your peers? Did others find you quirky, weird, or eccentric in some way? Do you have special interests or are you especially talented in a few areas? Do you have streams of good ideas and suggestions, but struggle to sell your ideas to others to implement them? Were you sensory-sensitive as a child, or are you now sensitive to foods, textures, sound, or touch? Were you especially talented in school, or were you recommended for "special needs" classes because you learned in a different way than the teachers in school taught?

Do you and your family seem to have special abilities? Is one of your senses significantly more fine-tuned than the others? Do you feel that you are extraordinarily sensitive to other people, sights, and sounds? Are you intolerant to a wide variety of foods? Are you plagued by digestive issues, eczema, sinus problems, and other signs of allergies? Have you ever seen spirits, ghosts, orbs, or angels? Do you get "gut feelings", deja vu, or premonitions?

There are many infants, children, and adults who define themselves and who are defined by others as being "special" or "gifted". These individuals might be said to be sensitive to their environment. They might be termed as psychic or clairvoyant. Gifted Indigo and Crystal children, babies, and adults are often extraordinarily sensitive to the stimuli around them. The world is more colorful and vivid to a gifted individual. Where another person sees a dull street full of people, a "gifted" person will hear, see, and smell all of the little parts that make up the whole.

This audiobook seeks to define what Indigo babies, children, and adults are. We discuss where the term Indigo children and Crystal children came from. We will cover what signs and characteristics are seen in people who fall under the Indigo, Crystal, or "gifted" categories. We will discuss the challenges that people who are Indigo will face in their childhood and adulthood. We cover ways you can get around those challenges, as well as how to harness your skills for the greater good.

Leeanna Halic
hr min
12 June
Lon McEwen

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