Bedtime Stories For Adults: Relaxing Deep Sleep Stories, Self-Hypnosis & Guided Meditations To Overcome Insomnia & Anxiety, Fall Asleep Fast, Develop Mindfulness & Relieve Stress

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Publisher Description

Discover How You Can Bring Back Good Old Bedtime Stories Into Your Life As An Adult And Fall Asleep Faster Than Ever Before!

Do you struggle to get to sleep? Often find yourself tossing and turning for hours on end every night? Wake up feeling like a zombie most mornings?

If you answered yes to ANY of those questions, then you could certainly benefit from adding Bedtime Stories back into your nighttime routine.

Bedtime Stories aren’t just for children, in fact there’s actually a growing body of research showing how beneficial they are for reducing Adult’s stress levels, anxieties & helping them get more sleep! (And fall asleep faster!)

Bedtime Stories help you relax at the end of a long day, they help signal to your brain and body that it is now time to slow down, and truly rest for the next 8 hours.

In our tech connected world, a nighttime routine full of relaxation& slowing down has become more important than ever.

What could be more relaxing then a trip to the world’s best beaches, or a swim in the ocean as the sun slowly sets.

Each story will take you on a relaxation journey, and as you listen your mind will be calmed, so you can effortlessly drift off into the healing sleep your body craves.

Anyways, here is a slither of what’s inside…

17+ Of The Most Relaxing Bedtime Stories And Guided Meditations That Will Make Your Sleep Struggles A Worry Of The Past

A 30 Minute Guided Sleep Meditation That Will Relax Even The Busiest Of Adults

The Most Relaxing Bedtime Story That Takes You On An Adventure On The Greatest Beaches The World Has To Offer

How Using This 10 Minute Guided Meditation Could Massively Improve Your Sleep Every Single Night

And SO Much More!

So, If You Want To Be Taken On The Relaxation Journey Of A Lifetime & Fall Asleep Effortlessly Every Single Night Then Scroll Up And Click “Add To Cart.”

Shane Matsumoto
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30 November
Catherine Evans