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Christmas time is here!

The most magical time of the year. Never a better time has come. What better a day to enjoy with your little one?

In this book, you will find lots of magical stories to put your kids to sleep. And perhaps put you to sleep as well? Stories of joy, stories of splendor. Christmas is the time of year where everyone gathers together around a fire, singing songs and laughing. And after a long day of celebration, nothing puts someone to sleep like a good bedtime story.

This two-book compilation includes:

Bedtime Stories for Kids: Christmas Edition – Fun and Calming Christmas Short Stories for Kids, Children and Toddlers to Fall Asleep Fast! Reduce Anxiety, Develop Inner Peace and Happiness
Bedtime Stories for Kids: Calming Short Stories for Kids, Children and Toddlers to Help Them Fall Asleep Fast, Reduce Anxiety, and Learn Mindfulness Meditation - Unicorns, Fairy Tales and More!

In this volume of bedtime stories, there is a tale to capture every child’s heart.

You will find stories of love. The love of family, the love of friends, and the love of Christmas!

You will uncover stories of wonder. The same wonder that’s alive in your heart as a child.

Discover stories of magic. The magic of Christmas! The same magic that brings Santa down your chimney and makes reindeer fly.

Dive into tales of fantasy. Grand journeys across snowy lands to discover what might have been forgotten long ago beneath the snow.

Yarns that will have you yawning. Your eyes will grow heavy, and your kids will drift off into a land of dreams. If you aren’t careful, you’ll drift off along with them.

And epics that your whole family will love. Tales that will become memories for your family. Stories your children will ask you to tell over and over again.

And much more!

So buy now, tuck your kids in, turn to your favorite tale, and let the magic begin. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Kids & Young Adults
Ashley Nicole Stevens
hr min
15 December
Kaizen Mindfulness Meditations