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The currency systems today are being threatened by this new technology, and this can be very good for the world and users, but not so good for established central banks and governments. 

There is a simpler, easier way to use money; in fact, the solution proposed in this audiobook has to do with the one place you go to every day regardless of how busy you are - the Internet. The world is slowly recognizing that maybe the current system of currency exchange has a better alternative. 

If you believe and embrace new technology and are adventurous enough to try an online currency, then Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies may be for you. 

Bitcoin is the newest and safest online currency, secured by every other Bitcoin user on the Internet. The government and banks have no say in it at this time. If everyone has faith in the system, it works out perfectly in a number of scenarios. There are less processing fees when you use Bitcoin, and it’s easier to transfer Bitcoin to other currencies. Whether you are buying a new smartphone, an interesting book, or new clothes, Bitcoin is the newest innovation that can make your life easier. 

In the end, you’ll discover Bitcoin’s history and the anonymous man who is behind all of this. 

You will find out about different cryptocurrencies and why Bitcoin reigns above all of them. You will learn the basics of blockchain and figure out why Bitcoin is safer than you think. You will learn how to buy, sell, and market with Bitcoin. You’ll also learn why Bitcoin’s anonymous system rules above everything - people have no idea who you are, and the government cannot try to control your funds. 

Finally, you’ll see all the disadvantages of our current system and realize why Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is the wave of the future. 

This audiobook will cover: 

The definition of a cryptocurrency and all the possibilities that Bitcoin has created. 
The history of Bitcoin and how it came to be.
How Bitcoin uses its own users and community to keep everyone in the currency loop safe, and how the currency is able to be regulated without the interference of the government.
What a blockchain is and how it works.
How you can sell, buy, and trade bitcoins; the secret in using your bitcoins to monopolize your business.
The consequences of our money system now, and what Bitcoin would do for the country.
A quick and easy plan you can implement immediately with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.  

Business & Personal Finance
John Tomasevich
hr min
8 June
WebWorld Internet