Breaking Dawn - Twilight Book 4 (Unabridged‪)‬

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When you can live forever what do you live for?

Twilight tempted the imagination... New Moon made readers thirsty for more... Eclipse turned the saga into a worldwide phenomenon... And now the book that everyone has been waiting for... Breaking Dawn. In the much anticipated fourth book in Stephenie Meyer's love story, questions will be answered and the fate of Bella and Edward will be revealed.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Ilyana Kadushin
hr min
14 May
Bolinda Publishing Pty Ltd

Customer Reviews

band_geek13 ,

get a grip

i highly respect and have enjoyed the twilight saga but i am about to say something that will shock millions:EDWARD CULLEN IS A FICTIONAL CHARACTER. Stephanie meyer has touched an interesting nerve:she has created the male ideal in a person who wants to suck your blood. Suprisingly, his charming and utterly selfless charachter has struck a chord with millions of young, screaming teenyboppers who have hence created the RIDICULOUS groups Team edward and team jacob. i am heartily sick of sterotypical, conformist teenagers who persist in proclaiming their undying
affection for somebody who is not real

Duggan6 ,

This is absolutely fine - negative reviews?Don't be put off.

I just appreciate that these (books) are available in audiobook format and I can listen to them on my Ipod.
The commentary is fine, and is delivered with feeling. The reality is, audio commentary (the chosen voice) is never going to appeal to everyone. For each book, there have been many reviews complaining that the reader sounds 'too old' (she doesn't sound a day over 20, so who CARES, and what do those comments say about our ageist society??). Also; some reviewers have complained about the 'poor grammar', yet their own reviews contain spelling errors such as 'definately', 'scentances' and 'naglected' (oh, the irony). Seriously, I think this is a perfectly acceptable effort and, while this may not be the voice of Bella that I personally imagine, I don't regret spending the money. Would recommend.

bombinate ,

Bombination's of a drone

It is honestly not because the book is lacking in any quality (though it does take you in the oddest direstion) it is the narrator I have a problem with. It is called grammar, it was invented for a reason.
This women is reading the word's, but she has obviously not read the scentances ahead of time and thus, lack's all depth and definition in her less then entertaining and some what nasal bombination's.
With all the money this particular run of book's has made, why could they not afford someone with a vague understanding of the naglected art of the narrator?

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