Catholic History: A Captivating Guide to the History of the Catholic Church, Starting with the Teachings of Jesus Christ Through the Roman Empire and Middle Ages to the Present (Unabridged‪)‬

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Did you know that the Catholic Church is the oldest institution to exist in the Western world?

The Catholic Church has a history that spans over 2,000 years, and it began with none other than Jesus Christ himself. At least, that is what modern popes believe. But at first, there was just one church, and there was no division between Catholics, Protestants, Eastern Orthodox, and other branches of Christianity. Christians all over the known world were united, and together, they made their spirituality bloom. Their religion took over the lives of villagers, nobles, kings, queens, and even newly arrived pagan armies that came to conquer Europe.

In Catholic History, you will find out:

How Christ built the church on the rock that is Saint Peter
Learn about Christianity during the age of Apostles
How the first monasteries came to life
Why Christians were persecuted through the ages
How one emperor embraced the faith and legalized it
The great schism that divided the Christians
How the pope founded the Holy Roman Empire
How emperors asserted their authority over the church
Why Martin Luther revolted against the church
Who started the reform of the church
Who were the Jesuits, Jansenists, and Gallicans
How the church survived the Age of Reason
How the French Revolution influenced the papacy
How liberal Catholics rose to power
Why Pope Pius IX issued his famous Syllabus of Errors
How the Catholic Church developed outside of Europe and traveled to the Americas
What the role of the church is in the modern world and how the popes changed the conservative views of the medieval church into democratic and liberal ones

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