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Suppose you could ask God the most puzzling questions about existence, and God would provide clear, understandable answers? It happened to Neale Donald Walsch.

Conversations with God is Neale Donald Walsch's account of his direct conversations with God, beginning in 1992 while Walsch was immersed in a period of deep depression. He composed a letter to God in which he vented his frustrations, and much to his surprise, even shock, God answered him.

Focusing on the universal truths that influence all life, Conversations with God offers a picture of the could be better. Conversations with God challenges us to push past the imagined boundaries of what we believe ourselves capable and look instead to all that we can attain as co-creators with God.

Religion & Spirituality
Neale Donald Walsch, Edward Asner, Ellen Burstyn
hr min
14 August
Phoenix Books

Customer Reviews

Joseph Street ,

For Those Who Are Ready

Poor old Warren Spence's world got a little too shaken up by the sounds of things, but the truth will do that to you when you live in a box. I guess he, just like a few other billion zombies of this earth just want to remain as completely clueless as they already are. You see this book is about what you already know but deny. It is a reminder of who you are, it prompts and rekindles the light within and encourages you to focus on that inner guidance beyond identification or worship of the content of its pages or the pages of any other book for that matter. Neale Donald Walsch would no doubt make alot of money from these books and associated merchandise and his ego most definitely gets in the way at times but if you can look beyond this he is not a fraud and despite his often annoying questions and narrative this book as a portal of truth and light in common language is a masterpiece to be read/listened too over and over again, the depth of its wisdom cannot be understated.

MagicMango ,

Conversations with God - Book 1

Our society wants a better world and within us all there is a voice that whispers "Is this as good as it gets?", "What IS my life purpose?", " What IS God?", "Will I really go to hell for the mistakes I've made in my Life?", "Are we really destroying our planet?", "How can we stop the suffering in this world?", "What religion should I be following?", "Is there really a Heaven and a Hell?" etc....
We are told to believe so many things by different people, religions, ancient wisdom, books, seminars, workshops etc... so what IS the Truth???
I believe these books are a must read by anyone who has ever asked these questions and is searching for answers.
You don't need to believe in God to benefit from this information.
Wisdom comes in many forms and these books opened my eyes, my heart and my love.

poweal ,

its amazing

its amazing that this book was published in 2009 when i read it 10 yrs ago.by the way,how come itunes books are so expensive,i mean you dont even get interesting photos with biographies.some of these books are 15 yrs old and you still get charged as if its new.have a good day

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