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Crush It! 2.0: The Audiobook: Read by Gary Vaynerchuk, this audiobook version contains additional material not found in the bestselling hardcover edition.

Do you have a hobby you wish you could indulge in all day? An obsession that keeps you up at night? Now is the perfect time to take that passion and make a living doing what you love. In Crush It! Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion, Gary Vaynerchuk shows you how to use the power of the Internet to turn your real interests into real businesses. Gary spent years building his family business from a local wine shop into a national industry leader. Then one day he turned on a video camera, and by using the secrets revealed here, transformed his entire life and earning potential by building his personal brand. By the end of this book, readers will have learned how to harness the power of the Internet to make their entrepreneurial dreams come true. Step by step, Crush It! is the ultimate driver's manual for modern business.

Business & Personal Finance
Gary Vaynerchuk
hr min
5 January

Customer Reviews

Gina Harding ,

He makes you want more out of life- by Gina H.

I love this book and the podcasts. Gary is the guy you listen to and after want to quit your job and go do something that you really want to do. He is the inspiration you need in times of second guessing and questions your motives for you life. He makes you ask yourself.... Is this want I want? Or can I do better? Am I happy living the way I am day in and day out?

He is the one that made me start my passion business on the side of my day to day job. He is the reason that I went out and did what I wanted... not my partner not my family or friends.... NO a complete stranger!

I dont even know this guy and I consider him one of my best friends in my ear saying to me yes yes I can achieve my dream, I can go into the real world and produce my thoughts.

My hat goes off to Gary. If you read this Gary DONT STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!!

Thank you GARY! Thank you for believing in me.

Lkkjjnhhfs ,

Crush it

Great Audiobook! Amazing content, and the aspect that I enjoyed the most is that for me family is also the most important!

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