Dark Island Scots: Complete Series (Unabridged) Dark Island Scots: Complete Series (Unabridged)

Dark Island Scots: Complete Series (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • $34.99

Publisher Description

Binge-listen to the complete Dark Island Scots series in one audio bundle. All the cliffhangers answered. All the steam, drama, and dark mystery ready for you in one delicious package.

This is new adult romance with dark themes including angst, lust-to-hate-to-love, and lost innocence. Expect high stakes and heart palpitations, exquisite and seductive scenes, and an insidious mystery threatening our tribe of found family.

Warning: this wild ride of a series contains situations some may find triggering. Please see the note inside the book for specifics.


I wanted him. He wanted to ruin me.

It was the blood I noticed first, running down the neck of the man on the ferry. I had no idea he was being imprisoned on the remote, dark Scottish island I knew well. Or that he'd been kidnapped, not arrested.

I went from that naïve girl on the boat, dreaming of stolen kisses, to the one who held the key to his prison cell.

When heat turns to hate, all that's left is ruin. Sin

He was dangerous, but the real sin was mine.

Sinclair was my secret obsession. The one I dreamed of in a homelife filled with violence and pain. He asked me to leave with him. But my mother is pregnant, and I won't let another child be raised in that house of horrors. The only way to free her is to betray the man I want.

Love is impossible when my only option is to sin.


A scar tore his face. Mine would carve his heart. I'd do anything to save my missing sister, even sell my body to the highest bidder. Sweet, scarred Camden rescued me, but he won't let me walk away. Especially when I discover he's my buyer's son. Loving him will only leave me with scars.


I'd wreck his life. For mine, he'd burn down the world.

Jamieson was my penpal. My surf-crazy, impulsive, pyro boy, and the secret I kept from the world. Until he broke us up before we ever met. When I discover he's been imprisoned, saving him becomes my only goal. He was fire and water. With him, I'd either drown or burn.

Zara Hampton-Brown, Zachary Webber
hr min
31 May
Jolie Vines