Emotional Intelligence: The Bible: This Book Includes: Emotional Intelligence 2.0, Practical Guide to Retrain Your Brain to Win Friends and Improve Your Social Skills, EI for Kids (Unabridged‪)‬

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Have you ever been in a situation where your own lack of control over your emotions caused you to struggle in some way? 

Perhaps, you said the wrong thing in anger, and your partner broke up with you, or you failed to empathize with a friend, who quickly grew offended by your lack of concern for his well-being. Maybe, you struggled to mesh well with your coworkers, and your boss told you to look long and hard at yourself to understand where you are going so wrong in life.

Emotional intelligence is crucial to succeeding in the modern world. In an economy based almost entirely on services, you need to be able to key in quickly and efficiently to the emotional states or needs of those around you. This is necessary in order to understand how to best serve not only yourself but the other person, as well. 

When emotional intelligence is at its highest, you fit smoothly into the cogs of society, and both you and whoever you are currently interacting with have your needs met. However, most people typically do not have the high levels of emotional intelligence needed to achieve such a smooth exchange.

Luckily, emotional intelligence is a skill that can be built upon, rather than being a fixed value that you will be trapped with indefinitely! By boosting your EQ, you will find your relationships getting easier, as well as feeling as though you yourself are becoming happier. Through becoming more emotionally aware, you are able to alter your very mind-set, stepping back from the negativity that once plagued you, and finally being free of the control of your emotions. 

Within this audiobook, you will be guided on your journey toward bettering your own emotional intelligence. It will teach you what you will need to be successful on your journey and point you in the right direction toward bettering yourself.

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Alex Freeman
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17 April
Mark T. Coleman, PhD