Escape Anxiety: Anxiety Relief, Cause of Anxiety, How to Calm Anxiety, and How to Prevent Anxiety. (Unabridged) Escape Anxiety: Anxiety Relief, Cause of Anxiety, How to Calm Anxiety, and How to Prevent Anxiety. (Unabridged)

Escape Anxiety: Anxiety Relief, Cause of Anxiety, How to Calm Anxiety, and How to Prevent Anxiety. (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • $17.99

Publisher Description

Discover how to manage your anxiety (without costly therapists), and explore evidence-based coping techniques you can use today.

Have you ever felt extremely nervous, restless, or tense?

Do you break out in sweats or get the shakes without knowing why?

Do you struggle to sleep at night because your mind is full of fear?

Do you sometimes feel a pressure weighing down on your chest? Does overthinking cause you to hyperventilate?

You may have anxiety.

Anxiety is a diagnosable condition that over 40 million adults in the US suffer from, causing a variety of difficult mental and physical symptoms. It can be debilitating, and unfortunately has a lot of triggers, including past trauma, stress, and relationship difficulties.

But don’t worry. You can overcome this.

There are solutions to getting your life back on track and not letting anxiety get the better of you.

In Escape Anxiety, you’ll discover:

Secrets used by celebs such as Selena Gomez and Zayn Malik that you can use to relieve the symptoms of anxiety
Seven ways to incorporate healthy coping strategies into your life—it’s easier than you think!
How to tell the difference between a panic attack and an anxiety attack—so you can make sure you’re getting the right care
The science behind anxiety—discover the ways your brain can physically change, leaving you with feelings of anxiousness 
A new take on cognitive behavioral therapy (so you don’t have to go through the same process again and again)
Simple but effective tasks to help you understand your own unique triggers and combat symptoms 
Five steps to facing your fears—don’t let anxiety rule your life
How to get the right nutrition for your brain, including the supplements you need to include to increase your happiness
Relaxation and self-care tips to prevent anxiety before you even get symptoms
The secret side of anxiety—and why it could actually be beneficial

And much more. 

Even if you aren’t struggling with anxiety right now, with everything going on in the world and the stress of daily life, there’s no guarantee it will stay that way.

This book will help you to feel more like yourself again…so you don’t have to endure the unpleasant physical and mental symptoms, and can get back to focusing on the good things in life.

Everyone should have the knowledge to fight anxiety and break the stigma associated with mental health. You can take positive steps to protect not only your own mind, but also those of everyone you love…and you can start right now.

If you want to overcome your anxiety without the need for expensive therapists, then scroll up and buy now.

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5 July
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