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Complete guide: From scratch to finding a proven profitable system, one that truly suits you.

Forex Trading

Ultimate Proven Guide to Profitable Trading

Through out this series, you will find tools that will let you gain control over your life and, more importantly, over your wealth. Concepts ranging from simple definitions, powerful money management techniques, the right approach, and exact trading psychology needed to explained proven profitable trading systems, all of these will be covered, letting the series convert into a complete guide to finding your own profitable trading system.

All of these insights will be covered with simple and easy to understand words and will let you set, track, and achieve your own profitable trading strategy/system. Every relevant concept you might need in order to launch yourself into Forex Trading and more,will be covered throughout this series.

The series is NOT difficult, far from it. It's practical. It's written for everyone. It's concise. It's based on current profitable trading strategies, the correct psychology used, and the already successful money management techniques. Whether you are already into trading and want to improve your skills and reinforce important concepts, or you are a complete beginner and are willing to join us as another successful trader, this series and its volumes are without a doubt what you are looking for.

As long as you get deeper into the series, you will find its unmatched value.

In this Volume, we will be covering the following subjects:

Volume III - Introduction to Technical Analysis

Hammers and Shooting Stars to Reverse a Trend
Morning and Evening Stars in Technical Analysis
Gaps vs. Windows
Different Types of Doji Candles
Moving Averages to Ride a Trends
Golden and Death Crosses in Forex Trading
Using the Higher Highs and Lower Lows to Build a Channel
Classic and Dynamic Support and Resistance Levels
Confluence Areas in Forex Trading
How to Trade the Head and Shoulders Patterns
A Guide to Trading Wedges
Bullish and Bearish Flags Explained
Ascending and Descending Triangles in Forex
When Triangles Reverse a Trend
Bollinger Bands as a Trend Indicators
Bollinger Bands as a Breakout Indicators
The Key to Trading Theories - Fibonacci Ratios

Doug MacKechnie
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6 August
Josh Bright