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Time is running out...

When the world faces a deadly threat from a lost weapon, Lachlan Fox, disillusioned ex-Navy operative, is forced back into action. Lachlan Fox has made a career out of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. As a shore assault specialist in an Australian Navy Clearance Diver Team, he came up against bad guys and even worse odds.

Having been discharged from the Navy, Fox tries to enjoy the quiet life, but during a visit from his best friend Alister Gammaldi, Fox's life is thrown out of balance. On a diving trip off Christmas Island the pair recovers an obviously military but unidentifiable pod from the sea floor of the Indian Ocean-setting in motion a chain of events that will drag them both into the corrupt world of international politics and arms races. From East Timor and Christmas Island to Grozny, Washington to New York, Venice to Iran, Lachlan Fox is forced back into action to save the world from a deadly threat.

Crime & Thrillers
Adrian Mulraney
hr min
14 May
Bolinda Publishing Pty Ltd

Customer Reviews

GrandAdmiralThrawn ,

Fox Hunt

I loved this book. It’s about time that we see some real AUSTRALIAN action heroes. Lachlan Fox and his mate Gamoldi are a great pair and James Phelan should be very proud of himself for writing such an excellent book. Great work mate. I am buying Patriot Act and after that i will get his other two books. I hope he writes a fifth book. Eight stars out of Five.
If you want an on the edge of your seat adventure and some great mateship then get this book.

Truckie Jas ,

Fox Hunt

Absolute fantastic read (or listen), fast paced & leaves you wondering where the time & km's went. Up there with the likes of matthew reilly! Adrian mulraney pulls it off with an exceptional read that distinguishes each character. I say the same for the entire series, 5 out of 5!!!

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