Gravity Is Bringing Me Down (Unabridged) Gravity Is Bringing Me Down (Unabridged)

Gravity Is Bringing Me Down (Unabridged‪)‬

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Publisher Description

Gravity becomes a very personal problem for a girl as she stumbles and tumbles through a long day. A hilarious look at a core science concept for any kid who has ever had a case of the clumsies!

When Leda wakes up by falling out of bed, she knows that gravity is in a very bad mood. Again.

Sure enough, she struggles with stumbles and bumbles at home, trips and blips on the bus, and bashes and crashes in the classroom. But a lesson on gravity helps her understand what’s really going on. And after a visit to a science center, Leda's mood is lifted...just in time for her to tumble-- happily!--into bed.

With a very funny text from award-winner Wendelin Van Draanen and bright, bouncy illustrations from Cornelia Lia, Gravity is Bringing Me Down makes it hilariously clear how this science concept impacts kids' lives every day.

Kids & Young Adults
24 September
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