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FROM THE TRANSLATION BY ABDULLAH YUSUF ALI READ BY AURANGZEB IQBALI praise Allah (swt) for giving me this opportunity of recording the whole Quran in English as translated by the eminent scholar Abdullah Yusuf Ali (may Allah (swt) be pleased with him) and the Last Sermon of Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him). I have interpreted the translation of the Holy Quran to the best of my ability with all the passion and feeling I could muster. It is incumbent on all Muslims to understand the Holy Quran and it is only by doing so that we will be in a position to invite others. I would like to thank my mother, wife and three daughters for their continued support, encouragement, feedback and prayers throughout. Also to Rab Nawaz for his support, from the time I read Surah Yaseen in English in Medina in April 2010 overlooking Haram Sharif, to the completion of this recording. All praise is due to Allah (swt).

From Customer Reviews: “You have a moving voice and recite the beautiful Holy Quran very well…. ““Your approach to the reading of the translation is outstanding, masha-ALLAH & very unique, al-hamd-u-lillah.”, “I have repeatedly and endlessly listened to Surah Fatihah, Surah Yaseen, Surah Ar-Rahman, Surah Yusuf & The Last Sermon of Rasoollullah sallalahu-alayhe-wasalam! It is a string of audio which is a breath of fresh air to my mind & soul.”, “I was absolutely hypnotised. Suras yaseen, Ar-Rahman and Yusuf had me completely mesmerised. I had never thought that the Quran could be read in such a way, making it come alive, understandable and thought provoking. I had always listened to Quran CD's that were either recited in beautiful, haunting voices by different Qaris of the world, or tafseers of Quranic Suras or merely a reciter reading a verse in Arabic and another giving the meaning in English. But this "reading" of the Suras by yourself was completely different.”

Religion & Spirituality
Aurangzeb Iqbal
hr min
15 July
Hear The Quran

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