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While a whole lot of debate is on about the existence of the supernatural, the miraculous, or even the reality of heaven and hell; well some people have quite some things to say either from books they have read or movies watched or an experience of their own. No matter how some people might want to deny it, there is a feeling within us that there is an existence of a higher force that seems to have control over quite a lot of things, such that sometimes things unbelievably work for us while at other times, they work against us even when the situation seems perfect.

The supernatural still remains a phenomenon that is widely open to speculations, theories, beliefs, doctrines, and opinions as various bodies and organizations have tried to solve the mystery behind it either through scientific means or otherwise, while others have just learned to embrace it and believe in it. Various cultures have different beliefs about the supernatural as well as the subject of heaven and hell, and they also have different names for these two places. But in all the beliefs, one thing is common; death will take you to one of these places whether you like it or not, and it is also believed that a good person will be going to heaven while a bad person will proceed to hell. But I think it is safe to say that the supernatural is a little more complicated than that.

Even the creation of life still has some mystery surrounding it and even though the scientists seem to have it all figured out, there are still some unexplainable events surrounding the phenomenon of creation, so how much more the supernatural itself in which some events just beyond our imagination occur and we have a hard time dealing with it or understanding it. No matter how a lot of us might want to deny the existence of the supernatural mainly because we shudder at the realization of its reality, it still does not change the fact that beyond the natural is another level of reality on its own that is quite beyond human

Religion & Spirituality
Dan McGowan
hr min
29 June
Parabellum Marketing LLC

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